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Spinal Energetics

Spinal Energetics is a modality that works across 5 layers of being; physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and soul. By facilitating safety and flow within the nervous system, the individual is able to reconnect with their own innate wisdom and develop trust within themselves.

Here you'll find answers to common questions about Spinal Energetics.

What is Spinal Energetics?

Spinal Energetics is a form of hands-on energy work that addresses tension patterns in the nervous system. Each of us have had experiences that continue to effect the way that we're living this life. Spinal Energetics is about creating a space of trust and safety within your nervous system so that you can integrate these experiences and reconnect with the innate wisdom that is held in the body.

How does Spinal Energetics work?

Spinal Energetics fosters reconnection and trust between you and your body. By accessing tension patterns along the spine and holding safe space across the 5 levels of being (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and soul), your body will naturally begin to move and release the tension, patterns, and stories that are being held in the body ultimately placing your body into a state of flow and balance.

What does a 1-on-1 Spinal Energetics session with me look like?


The first thing that happens when you come in for a session is a conversation. You’ll have a chance to tell me about yourself, your current situation, and what it is you’d like support with. This way I can support you in setting your intent for the session and have a better understanding of what's going on within your nervous system. Of course, you'll also have the chance to ask any questions you may have.


After our initial conversation, I'll do a physical assessment. Though I'll always take into consideration the information you've shared with me, it's the body that will tell me what it needs. For the assessment, you'll be in prone position (face down on a massage table) and I'll be at your feet, moving your legs and feet as I assess what process we'll be working on.

The session

Each session will be different, but will follow a similar process. I'll start by running my fingers over certain points along your neck and sacrum. From there, the session will be a combination of physical touch, guidance of energy, and reassessments as needed throughout. I may give some verbal cues throughout the session (ie: tilting pelvis, tucking chin, bringing your awareness to certain areas), but there typically won't be much talking in a Spinal Energetics session.


Throughout the session, you may feel like you need to move or stretch. Welcome whatever movement feels right for you, I will work around it. There may be emotion that comes up. Trust that it's coming up so it can move and know that you don't need to hold onto it.


After the session, we’ll take some time to check-in. This is a time to share how you're feeling, what's coming up for you and give you space to ask any questions you may have. I will also give you some guidance to help the integration process after your session. It’s important that you leave our session feeling empowered.

How can Spinal Energetics help me?

Spinal Energetics can help if you struggle with...

- overthinking

- brain fog

- feeling stuck or uncertain

- lack of self trust

- identity, purpose, and self expression

- self-worth

- voicing your wants and needs

- anxiety and panic attacks

- feeling alone or isolated

- physical pain

- insomnia and fatigue

- headaches

Book a Spinal Energetics session!

  • $80 ($20 deposit)

    50 min

    20 Canadian dollars
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