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- New Clients -

First Session by Donation

We want to make sure we both feel that we are the right fit.
Minimum $20 Donation



Reiki Energy Healing Sessions

Reiki is a hands-on spiritual and vibrational healing practice. While shifting the mind and body into a relaxed and meditative state, Universal healing energy flows through the chakras. Through this non-invasive process, energy is released and activated across all levels of our being creating a "whole healing system in itself".

This alternative energy healing is very individual.  Reiki sessions can be adapted to meet individual needs.

Crystal Healing


See the flow of your chakras change with a pendulum dowsing before and after your Reiki session.

Add to your Reiki experience by implementing the healing power of crystals. Draw the energy of these crystals to access higher vibrational states and let the gate open beyond the physical realm.

Crystals can either be intentionally laid out in a grid below the table or placed on the chakras to facilitate the flow of energy.

Space Clearing

Whether you are moving into a new home/office or simply feel a heaviness in the air, our space clearing is great way to reset and start fresh.

Our sage is handpicked and dried ourselves in a good way.

Peer Support / Intuitive Guidance

We know that clinical mental health supports are not for everyone. For those seeking a holistic approach to mental wellness, our peer support sessions are a great way to integrate lived experience with the search for peace. Whether you need your story to be heard and understood or want someone to explore the path to knowing with, peer support is designed to be what you need it to be.

Sit with Ryan, who for the past 4 years, has worked front line with individuals in deep emotional crisis struggling with suicide, self-harm, sexual assault, homelessness, addictions, grief, and trauma.  


Tarot Reading

For those who are interested in the intrinsic ability of tarot cards to interpret the energy of the subject. Mountain Walker Healing does not specialize in readings, though we do offer card readings at a discounted rate as our intuitive reader gains experience. 

Our rates begin at $80/session.
You are worth it. We are worth it.

We believe that healing should be accessible to all. If finances are a barrier, please reach out to me to make alternative arrangements.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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