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Tarot Reading

Tarot card reading is a divination practice using a deck of 78 tarot cards. When the intention has been set, cards are laid out in specific positions throughout the spread. Tarot readings are used to gain insight on the subject’s life situation.

Here you'll find answers to common questions about Tarot Reading.

What does a Tarot Reading with me look like?


When you come in for a tarot reading, I will introduce myself, ask your name and if you've ever had a reading before. I will explain how the reading is going to go. I do not ask you any other questions at this point as I like to start the reading with a clean slate.

The reading

For most of my readings, I use a 12 card spread. As we move through the reading, I will share with you what is coming through. I may speak quickly as I relay the information as it's coming in. I may also take silent pauses as I collect information to speak it to you in a cohesive way. I ask that you refrain from asking questions until we have finished the initial reading


After the initial reading, I will open up the floor for you to ask questions and share what's coming up for you. You may ask me to repeat or expand on things that came up in the initial reading or ask questions about things that didn't come up in the initial reading. At this point, we're having a conversation and working together to navigate the insight that the cards are sharing. Depending on your question(s), I may pull more cards.


After the reading we’ll take some time to check-in. This is a time to share what insights from the reading have resonated with you and give you space to ask any final questions you may have. It’s important that you leave the reading feeling empowered and equiped to move forward.

Private Group Tarot Party!

Want to add some extra fun and mysticism to your event? Book a private tarot party!

Base rates for tarot parties are based on location and accommodate up to 5 guests.

More guests can be added for an additional $20/person.

Not sure what zone you fall in? No worries! The booking form will ask for your exact address and I'll touch base with you about the final cost before you're charged.

Zone 1


- Bass River

- Parrsboro

- Springhill


Zone 2


- Truro

- Amherst

- Oxford


Zone 3


- Halifax

- Moncton

- Windsor


Book a Tarot reading!

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