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Shamanic Coaching

Shamanic Coaching empowers each individual to find the medicine within themselves. Being guided through the appropriate shamanic techniques to meet their intention, clients deepen their connection to Spirit and to themselves.

Here you'll find answers to common questions about Shamanic Coaching.

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is a form of spirituality that regards the Earth and every natural being that exists upon her to be living, sentient entities.


Shamanism is not only a belief system, but a way of being. Shamanism is a practice and discipline that allows us to connect more deeply to ourselves and the beings around us. Through these connections, we gain insight, presence, awareness, and healing.

What is Shamanic Coaching all about?

Shamanic coaching is largely about empowering the individual to step into their power and take control of their life. It’s about helping them make the change they’ve been dreaming of, but need support to realize.

Shamanic coaching helps the individual expand their mind - body - spirit connection. It helps them connect more deeply with themselves, with Great Spirit, and with the world around them. Shamanic coaching helps you know that you are not alone, you are an integral part of the whole that connects us all.

Shamanic coaching goes beyond conventional approaches to not only treat the symptoms of dis-ease and mis-alignment, but also to address the root cause of what pain and discomfort is manifesting in your body.

What does a 1-on-1 Shamanic Coaching session with me look like?

Setting your intent

The first thing that happens when you come in for a session is a conversation. You’ll have a chance to tell me about yourself, your current situation, and what it is you’d like support with. This way I can support you in setting your intent for the session.


Once I understand your intent for the session, I’ll offer you some options. There are many techniques used within Shamanic Coaching. Each used to support the client in their intending. I’ll suggest a few techniques and explain what would be involved. You always have choice in choosing the technique that feels best for you.

The session

Once we’ve decided on a technique that will support your intent, I will guide you through it. You may find yourself sitting in discomfort and difficult emotions. I will always hold space for you through these moments; helping you move through and release whatever is coming up.


After the session, we’ll take some time to check-in. This is a time to share what insights from the session have resonated with you and give you space to ask any questions you may have. I will also give you some guidance to help the integration process after your session. It’s important that you leave our session feeling empowered.

What are some common Shamanic Coaching techniques?

Common shamanic techniques and tools include...

- drumming

- tuning forks

- medicine wheels

- sucking medicine

- crystal grids

- breath work

- healing feathers

- much more!

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